Winterization & De-Winterization Services

SPECIAL Introductory Rates

With temperatures regularly dropping below the freezing point, if you have a home which is vacant, NOW is the time to Winterize your property against the potential for moisture damages from frozen or burst pipes. Moisture damage repair costs can be significant.

State FarmĀ® estimates the average residential water damage claim from frozen/burst pipes at around $15,000!

Averages can rise even higher if wood floor coverings are involved, or if the leak occurs on a second floor. If pipes freeze and leak inside the slab, cost can be significantly higher due to excavation into the slab to locate and repair the leak. Without winterization, supply and waste lines can freeze, in addition to toilet and hot water tanks resulting in additional repair costs.

When you schedule your Winterization Services from About Home Company, it includes:

  • Pressurized evacuation of all accessible supply lines.
  • Draining and pressurized evacuation of the hot water tank.
  • Draining of all toilet bowls/tanks
  • Installation of Environmentally Friendly Anti Freeze in drains/traps.
  • Securing of toilets against nuisance use.
  • Installation of signage throughout the residence indicating the property has been winterized.

For a limited time, we are offering a Full Winterization on any residential property 2500 sq. ft. or less for only:


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